PDPM Academy - Members Only


• The new patient driven patient model (PDPM) begins October 1, 2019

• Patient clinical characteristics in totality will determine payment

• Quick and highly accurate assessment and diagnosis will be critical

• Payment will no longer be focused on therapy minutes and ADLs but will rely on over 180 MDS item fields

• Failing to accurately code patient needs will have a significant impact on adequate and accurate payment for high quality care

• Staff roles must change to operate effectively under PDPM

40-Hour Basic Course for Activity Directors

The 40-Hour Course is intended to serve as a basic foundation of knowledge needed for entry level competency in the activities profession for those specializing in long-term resident care.

Life Safety Code

This expanded, more comprehensive workshop will offer an in-depth look at the life safety code governing healthcare facilities.

Certified Medication Aide Training

This course meets the Board of Nursing requirements for training certified medication aides in the administration of routine and PRN medications in the nursing facility setting.

Certified Medication Aide Training Refresher Course

This course meets the Board of Nursing requirements for the certified medication aide refresher course.

Passenger Assistance/Motor Vehicle Operations Trainer Course

The Passenger Assistance/Motor Vehicle Operation Trainer Course covers all requirements of the 2000 Transportation Regulation in state licensing rules. This course prepares the trainer to teach individuals at the facility level. It is divided into three (3) major modules, which may be offered in steps to aide in scheduling trainings within the facility.

Passenger Assistance/Motor Vehicle Operations Trainers may access the PowerPoint slides below.

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