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NMHCA/NMCAL Partners with Relias to offer our Assisted Living Administrator Training and other relevant education.

Video Trainings

Self Care 

There are no continuing education hours for these two classes. These were part of the Convention Education and being shared to help facility staff.

Quality Initiative Education

NMHCA / NMCAL received a grant through civil monetary penalties (CMPs) assessed from NM providers to provide and record education that addresses quality in nursing facilities.

The Well-Being Model® by Dr. Angela Norman

Staffing: The Art and Science of Leadership

Staffing: The Return of Compassionate Leadership

Staffing: Leaders Create Quality Workplace

A Blueprint for Falls Prevention Program (15 Part Series)

The entire training is 8 hours, and each video is approximately 1/2 hour in length making 15 total segments. Continuing education hours for nurses, nursing home administrators and activity directors are available through our online testing system. Facilities may set up accounts if you don't already have one. Individual accounts are discouraged, so if you aren't working in a facility, please contact NMHCA to discuss your options.

Rules of the Road: Sleeplessness Can Cause Accidents

Caring for Individuals with Cognitive Impairment without Antipsychotics

Tackling Adverse Events: How to Prevent Them From Occurring

The Flu and You: A Toolkit to Help You Plan, Prepare and Respond to Influenza in Your Facility

Incident Management Guidance

Dispute Resolution Agreement - Family Video

NMHCA/NMCAL Training Products

Bladder Scanner Training

This training is designed for the facilities participating in the Bladder Scanner CMP Grant.
Cleaning instructions for the scanner can be downloaded here.

RN Pronouncement Training

This video has been integrated with the online test. If you are taking your test online, please do not view the video here, or you will have to watch it twice! 

This 20-minute video addresses Senate Bill 637, enacted by the NM State Legislature during its 1995 Session. SSB 637 became effective on July 1, 1995, and enables registered nurses employed by nursing facilities to pronounce death of facility residents.

To utilize the training, you must purchase the program and establish an online testing account or obtain a copy of the verification exam from NMHCA.

Assisting with Medication the Right Way

Assisting with Medications...The Right Way is recognized as an approved assistance with medication training program by the New Mexico Department of Health.

To utilize the training, you must purchase the program and establish an online testing account.


In accordance with the Assisting with Medications...The Right Way trainer materials provided by NMHCA to purchasing organizations, it is the purchasing facility’s responsibility to:

  1. Utilize the training program as it was intended and to maintain accurate employee training records.
  2. Ensure that students do not use their workbooks or other materials when taking the practice exams OR the final exam.
  3. Ensure that students watch the entire video, work through all interactive and review exercises, and take all practice exams.
  4. Make sure students take the final exam without using books or other materials.
  5. Keep the trainer materials secure.
  6. Approach the program professionally.


Should the medication assistance training not be taken seriously and/or not followed as intended, serious implications for the facility could result.

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